You Should Always Eat AFTER 6pm To Escape Obesity, Early Death, & Diseases—All While ‘Rebalancing’ Your Hormones To Effortlessly Lose More Stubborn Fat...

Announcing A New Scientific Discovery That Reveals...

How You Can Lose Up To 14 Pounds In The
Next 14 Days
By Strategically Eating

Dear friend,

Deep in the remote regions of the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico, there is a tribe of Indians known as the Tarahumara who carry an ancient, age defying-fat burning secret...

A diet secret that has allowed them to escape obesity, death, and diseases for over 2,000 years. [31-33]

They seem immortal in just about every category… diabetes, vascular disease, and cancer.[31-33]

Age seems to have no effect on them and obesity is non-existent within their culture.

In fact, when it comes to the TOP 10 health risks facing Americans, their incidence rate is at or near zero![33]

So how do they do it? What exactly is their secret of longevity, perpetual health, and happiness?

What have they remembered—that we've forgotten—that allows them to defy aging and avoid diseases, while effortlessly burning unwanted fat day in and day out?

The answers will surprise you!

First, they live a ‘hunt and gather’ type of lifestyle, which means they consume the majority of their calories in the evening—the complete opposite of western civilization.

Second, they consume an unusually high amount of unique and long forgotten ‘fat burning’ carbohydrates known as Late Night SUPER CARBS.

When you spend just 14 days eating these unique SUPER CARBS at the right times they automatically ‘regulate’ & RESET your metabolism helping you…[1-44]

  • Lose Fat FASTER (especially the ‘sticky’ fat that ‘collects’ on your most stubborn body parts)
  • Rebalance Your Cortisol Cycle (sleep like a baby & wake up feeling energized and refreshed!)
  • Control Blood Sugar & Improve Insulin Sensitivity (eliminate your risk for diabetes)
  • Erase Aches & Pains (decrease dangerous inflammation by regulating your circadian rhythm)
  • Escape Early Death & Avoid Deadly Diseases (just like the Tarahumara!)
  • “Reactivate” Your Thyroid Hormones (BOOST metabolism, increase daily energy, & effortlessly lose MORE stubborn fat)

The Tarahumara tribe is just one of many living examples. There are several other cultures across the globe you’ll learn about below that are also experiencing these SAME benefits...

And they all have ONE thing in common…they strategically eat Late Night Super Carbs™ at a specific time each day...

As you’re about to discover, it’s their secret to regulating their metabolisms and keeping their hormones balanced.

Cultures That Eat A Diet Rich In The
Below Are The LEANEST & Healthiest People On The Planet

In fact, the scientific research and real life case studies you’ll read about below prove once-and-for-all that you can eat the same Late Night Super Carbs to experience these amazing health benefits—while losing up to 10-14 pounds in as little as 14 days.

This 'late night calorie burning loophole' is driven by new science and it's firmly grounded in clinical proven facts[1-18] about how your body responds to eating the majority of your carbs and calories at dinnertime and before bed.

As you’ll soon find out below from the world’s leanest, healthiest, and longest living cultures—it’s a way of life.

And when you find out exactly what these Late Night Super Carbs™ are (and when you should eat them for the fastest results) your jaw will drop in disbelief...

Because these are the same carbs that have been WRONGLY ACCUSED of being the ‘root cause’ of obesity…. disease… and even EARLY death!

Ridiculously, they’ve been mistakenly categorized right along with all the addicting, sugar-laden, processed carbs that can be terrible for your health and belly fat.

Is it the “low carb crash diet conspiracy theorists” misleading us and lying to us solely for profit?

Has collective ‘late night eating and carb guilt’ created an ‘illusion of truth’?…

After all, the more we hear something… the more familiar it becomes… the more we have a tendency to believe it’s actually true.

In reality… The medical establishment… Huge ‘food conglomerates’… The diet and weight loss industry.

They ALL capitalize and make millions pushing the ‘Low Carb’ craze…

And that’s exactly why it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

You’ve been told carbs are evil… and that you should never eat them at dinnertime OR before bed…

But in reality, strategically including Late Night Super Carbs as an integral part of your lifestyle holds the ‘hidden’ key to your fastest results ever.

Although men and women in their 20s and 30s can regulate their metabolism and benefit greatly from this style of eating later in the day, it’s the Baby Boomers...

The people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond that will benefit most because of their declining hormones and naturally ‘sluggish’ metabolism.

Skeptical? I can understand why since we’ve all been misled to believe that eating carbs—especially in the evening—will make us fat and sick.

However… if you’re also intrigued, like I was, then I urge you to set aside your skepticism and read on to find out how I cracked the code so you can start eating these Late Night Super Carbs to experience:

Less cravings and hunger… deeper sleep… increased energy… reduced aches and pains… and faster weight loss.

Before I uncover this newly discovered Late Night Super Carb fat burning loophole…

There's something you MUST know if you truly want to live longer, look younger, and quickly lose stubborn fat.

WHEN You Eat Is Just As
Important As WHAT You Eat...

Studies now show that when you eat is actually just as important as what you eat.[1-18]

Want proof?

Right here…. right now… I'm going to tackle three of the most popular diet myths, misconceptions, and lies about eating calories later in the day.

I'm also going share exactly what Late Night Super Carbs the world’s longest living cultures eat so you can experience the same benefits from this age-defying, fat burning diet secret.

As you’re about ready to discover inside this special report, the published research[1-18] concludes once-and-for-all… ‘old-school’ conventional wisdom about avoiding large meals with carbs at dinnertime and not eating before bed have officially been thrown out the window...

That Damage Your Hormones & Force Your Body To Store More Fat

WARNING: The evidence-based health bulletin below is highly controversial…. it will probably go against almost EVERYTHING you've been programmed to believe about WHEN and WHAT you should eat to lose stubborn fat.

After 15 years of helping hundreds of thousands of people across the globe change the way they eat, exercise, look, and feel I’m extremely confident of one thing:

Once you see the latest published studies and real world proof that my team dug up below[1-55] you will be shocked.

The scientific community has finally uncovered the REAL TRUTH about how the world’s healthiest populations defy aging and eliminate obesity.

And how you can too…

Late Night Eating MYTH #1: Eating High Carb Foods (especially after 6pm) Is Responsible For Belly Fat, Obesity, & Early Death!

For years now conventional wisdom has led us all to believe that we need to avoid all our favorite high carb foods—especially later in the day…

You know, because your metabolism is supposedly slowing down so any carbs you put in your mouth after 7pm are going to be stored as fat.


Although it SOUNDS logical, once you read this published research it’s easy to see why you SHOULD be eating high carb foods—especially at dinnertime!

Groundbreaking Study: A 2011 PubMed published study[21] called, "Greater weight loss and hormonal changes after 6 months diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner" that consisted of a program where subjects ate approximately 1,500 calories per day.

Group #1: Consumed carbs throughout the day.

Group #2: Consumed the majority of carbs at dinner.

Researchers concluded the evening group lost more body fat and had MUCH greater improvement in different health markers.[21]

After 6 months, the metabolic effects on subjects eating LOTS of carbs at dinnertime were profound…

Eating More Late Night Super Carbs At Dinnertime Equated To: [21]

  • Reduced Hunger, Less Cravings & More Satisfaction From Meals
  • Healthier Fasting Glucose & Daily Insulin Concentrations
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels (reducing risk for heart disease)
  • Increased Leptin Sensitivity (your body's #1 fat burning hormone)
  • Improved Metabolic Response
  • 11% MORE Weight Loss & 10% Greater Reduction In Abdominal Circumference (i.e. belly fat)

To quote the research study directly: "We believe this diet regimen may prevent mid-day hunger, better support weight loss and improve metabolic outcomes compared to conventional weight loss diets."

Look no further than the Tarahumara Indians…

The foundation of their diet is none other than POTATOES!

Potatoes have managed to stir up a lot of controversy but, in reality, they’re one of nature’s best ‘fat burning foods’ you can eat..

There are dozens of potato varieties—all of which contain LOADS of antioxidants… and they also contain a unique and rarely talked about fat burning nutrient called ‘resistant starch’.

Resistant starch and other nutrients from potatoes have been associated with a number of health benefits…

With all these amazing health benefits it’s not hard to see why varieties of potatoes are the #1 staple in the Tarahumara Indian’s diet…

The real-world evidence clearly proves eating Late Night Super Carbs, like varieties of potatoes, at the RIGHT times can help you live LONGER, age SLOWER, and avoid deadly belly fat.

Late Night Eating MYTH #2: Eating Your Largest Meals At Dinnertime Packs On The Pounds!

Does eating large meals with the majority of your calories at dinnertime really make you gain weight?

We’ve all heard it over and over again… you should always eat your largest meals early in the day and never eat past 6 or 7pm or you will pack on the pounds!

Well, if you’re hungry at dinnertime and before bed I’ve got good news. Scratch that! I’ve got GREAT news.

The British Medical Journal [37] recently put the dinnertime eating myth to rest for good.

After looking at numerous clinical studies throughout the entire world, they concluded once-and-for-all:

There is absolutely NO link between eating late at night and weight gain!

The American Dietetic Association agrees and emphasizes that it's NOT eating meals in the evening that leads to persistent weight gain.[38]

Studies now consistently show, along with the real world proof from today’s longest living cultures, that eating big meals with carbs at dinnertime does not cause weight gain.

Late Night Super Carb, rice is the perfect example…

Especially if it’s WHITE!

Most people have no clue that white rice is a gluten free starch from nature that is rich in glucose, which induces DEEP sleep, fuels your daily activities for the next day, and prevents the metabolism from slowing down.  

Furthermore, glucose is one of the oldest evolutionary fuels on the planet.

Our bodies have been relying on glucose as a primary fuel source since the caveman days.

In fact, only 1 out of every 120 calories from the glucose found in Late Night Super Carbs gets stored as fat.

In other words… glucose from these particular types of carbs does NOT get stored as fat.

80% is burned directly by fat cells… and the other 20% is stored inside your muscle tissue for later use.

Now if you’re anything like me…

You’ve been told over and over again to AVIOD rice at all costs if you want to lose weight…

In reality, rice is a serious nutritional power-packed Late Night Super Carb that can help you burn MORE ‘stubborn’ fat!

In fact… you will be pleasantly surprised to know that myself and many celebrities ‘in the know’ frequently eat rice—especially at dinnertime—to keep our bodies lean and healthy year round.

One of the world’s longest living, leanest, ‘disease-free’ cultures are once again LIVING PROOF; the Okinawans from Japan.

People from Okinawa originally ate 69% of their calories from Late Night Super Carbs like rice.

And if rice was really ‘fattening’ then why did the International Obesity TaskForce report that Okinawan’s have the LOWEST rate of obesity in the world (only 2.9%!)…

In fact… they are more likely to reach 100 years old than anyone else in the world, which is why Okinawa is known as "The Land of Immortals".

And believe it or not, they frequently eat HIGH carb dinners with rice as late as 10pm!

With all those amazing health benefits it’s not hard to see why rice plays a vitally important role in the Okinawan’s diet

Late Night Eating MYTH #3: You Should NEVER Eat Before Bed (because the extra calories are stored as fat)

If you're sick and tired of trying to fight those pesky salty or sweet cravings directly before bed you're about ready to be pleasantly surprised… the whole 'idea' that you're not supposed to eat before bed is because while you are sleeping, your metabolism supposedly slows down.

This is simply not the case... your body doesn't have an ‘on-off’ switch so you still burn calories while you sleep.

In fact, a few studies[23-24] show that your metabolism actually increases when you start your dream cycles. Imagine that! Eating the right foods before bed induces the deep sleep that helps you burn more calories!

In yet another 4-week study[1] dieters added a snack to their daily regimen 90 minutes after dinner every night and get THIS:

Late night eaters ate an average of 397 fewer calories per day.

Yet another 2014 study[4] showed that people who eat the majority of their carbs at dinner sleep better because it decreases cortisol, which increases the production of your sleep hormones—serotonin and melatonin.

This is GREAT news considering it's no secret that restorative sleep increases fat loss… not to mention melatonin production is a precursor to releasing anti-aging Growth Hormone.

Berries and cherries are the ultimate pre-bed fat burning food to eat because they're like nature's Sweet Tarts WITHOUT the fat storing side effects... they're low calorie, nutrient dense, and rich in Vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K, copper, and folate.[39,40]

And did I mention cherries are chock full of melatonin too?

Look no further than the Kitavan Islanders for the perfect example. Their diet consists of more than 50% Late Night Super Carbs, most of which are fruits like berries and starchy sweet potatoes.

Yet, despite their unusually high carb diet, they are still very leptin sensitive, insulin sensitive, have amazing blood lipid profiles, and are completely free of all diseases.

They thrive on eating mostly Late Night Super Carbs without becoming obese or developing a high incidence of metabolic syndrome as the low-carb conspiracy theorists would predict.

Cultures like the Kitavans prove to us that these unique fat burning carbohydrates should be part of everyone’s diet.

In fact, if you want to lose the MOST weight, you MUST eat before bed...

There are a handful of specific foods (like berries) that will fuel your fat burning metabolism while you sleep providing your body with a steady stream of fuel throughout the night.

The trick is knowing how to combine them with other late night fat burning foods to fuel your fat burning metabolism as you sleep.

For example, there is ONE food in particular that you should eat with berries and cherries EXACTLY 30 minutes before bed—we’ll share all the nitty-gritty details below.

Eating the RIGHT foods before bed:

  • Ensures You'll Consume Up To 397 LESS Calories The Next Day[1]
  • Improves Overnight Protein Synthesis To Build & Repair Muscle Tissue[25]
  • Increases Your Nighttime Metabolism While You Sleep[23]
  • Stabilizes Morning Blood Sugar—A Proven Way To Help You Prevent Diabetes[25]
  • Prevents Early Morning Hunger That Promotes Fat Storage & Blood Sugar Crashes[25]

Bottom line: ending your day by consuming a pre-bedtime snack with the RIGHT foods has several benefits that help regulate your metabolic clock and burn more fat—even while you’re sleeping…

These Diet MYTHS Have Now "Officially" Been Debunked!

The Latest Scientific Research Proves Once-And-For-All That Eating LOTS Of Super Carbs At Dinnertime & Snacking Late At Night Before Bed Does NOT Increase Fat Storage, Cause Diseases, Or Lead To Early Death!

EVERY one of these cultures eats a diet rich in Late Night Super Carbs every evening and they don't just survive—they thrive!

Below I’ll Reveal A Complete, Comprehensive List You Can Eat Each Night To Experience The Same Benefits—While Losing Up To 10-14 Pounds In The Next 14 Days...

I’ll also share the optimal times to eat them, along with the best fat burning foods to combine them with each night to maximize your results…

But first… how is it that we—in one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth—can devote armies of researchers, doctors, and scientists to analyze data to rid our lives of obesity and diseases

Yet, obesity related death is at all time high and we keep getting fatter and sicker year after year?

Meanwhile the world’s longest living cultures consume the majority of their calories for the entire day, WITH Late Night Super Carbs, at dinnertime!

HOW did we get to this point?

After sharing my e-newsletter and free health reports with over 3 million readers across the globe, authoring more than 5 best-selling books...

Appearing on such television networks as NBC, ABC, and CBS

Being featured in the pages of more than 20 popular national newsstand magazines including:

Men's FitnessWoman's DayMaximum FitnessOxygenClean EatingMuscleMag International, and Muscle & Fitness Hers...

There I was 15 years later scratching my head…dumbfounded… wondering the SAME thing after my vacation to Mexico uncovered this Late Night Super Carb diet secret.

I had been using my loyal following and each of these media channels to be an advocate for conventional diet wisdom for years and years. 

Little did I know that was about ready to change in a big way…

How My Mexico Vacation Saved The Life Of 41-Year Old Crystal Meyers Helping Her Overcome Thyroid Disease & Early Onset Menopause—All While Losing 19 Pounds In Only 14 Days!

It was the day before I left for a long anticipated getaway and vacation to Mexico with my wife and kids.

I was packing when my iPhone vibrated and I received this text message from one of my favorite long time clients, 41 year old Crystal Meyers...

Now if you know anything about me… I pride myself on taking care of my people.

Just ask my wife... my family... my clients... and my friends. I always, always go the extra mile for people I care about.

It’s just how I’m wired… a trait I acquired from my unselfish mother.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to jump on a call and help her, it just wasn’t feasible with us leaving in the morning so I let her know I would be in touch after I got home.

When we arrived at the RUI Palace in Riveria Maya, Mexico the first thing I wanted to do is line up a few excursions for my wife and kids.

While I was waiting for the next available concierge a magazine sitting on the end table caught my eye…

The cover said in big bold letters: "Mexico’s Health & Longevity Secret"

I quickly shuffled to the article and it was titled: The Tarahumara Tribe: Where Night Is Day

Hmmmm very strange? I thought… and since I’m a health nut I was instantly curious so I became deeply emerged in the article.

It was fascinating.

It went on to explain how they defy aging with their ‘hunt and gather’ type of lifestyle… how they consume the majority of their calories in the evening…

Then it continued to explain how they were mysteriously immortal in just about every category… how obesity was non-existent… how disease was non-existent.[31-33]

Finally, the article ended by mentioning the high carb-late night eating habits of other cultures like the Okinawans and Kitavan Islanders.

Of course, as you’ve just discovered, they all had one common thread... the primary staple in their diets was eating Late Night Super Carbs at dinnertime each night.

I was deeply intrigued by the mystery.

How could this be possible? Little did I know

That magazine article I just read would ultimately lead to Crystal’s solution…

When I landed back home and we did finally connect for a conversation and I heard her current situation my heart ached for her… I’m a sucker for sob stories and hers was exceptionally emotional.

She tried her best to hold it together and maintain her composure, but her emotion was too high… she eventually busted into tears while sharing the bad news with me…

“Joel, since the last time we talked, I’ve managed to slowly gain 10 more pounds…  I’m 32 pounds heavier since the last time we saw each other!”

We have quite a history together so it didn’t take long before it all came pouring out.

“Every day I wake up and look in mirror and it’s depressing. I’m afraid my fiancé doesn’t find me attractive anymore. I just keep gaining weight no matter how much I diet or exercise. Nothing is working and it’s messing with my head.

“I know my health situation is NOT ideal Joel.” She continued with a few sniffles in between. “But I don’t care how much it costs. My fiancé even agreed that it’s an investment. HELP! Please.”

What she told me next made me realize why she was so desperate.

Her doctor had just given her the bad news about her bloodwork… she was suffering from a laundry list of hormonal imbalances and symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Crystal was diagnosed with the triple threat of a dieter’s nightmare:

  • Thyroid Disease
  • Fibromyalgia (chronic inflammation)
  • Menopause

Insomnia, joint pain, fatigue, weight gain… She was literally ‘falling apart’.

Physically. Emotionally. Hormonally. Spiritually…

Her entire life was bankrupt.

This entire predicament was unusually uncomfortable and disturbing for me because Crystal was my ‘posterchild client’. She was one of my favorite clients for a reason.

She always did exactly what I told her to do. Always.

She tried eating high fat keto… she cut carbs… she avoided sugar and processed foods… she ate more protein, veggies, and friendly fats… she was even running 12-13 miles every single day and still couldn’t lose a single pound!

I didn’t know what to do… she had consistently followed my conventional diet advice to the letter.

The same dietary recommendations we are all familiar with...

Small meals every few hours... Avoid all carbs (except vegetables) especially after 6pm... Last meal of the day should be no later than 6pm… And never, EVER eat before bed.

But this time it was different for Crystal. This time it wasn’t working.

Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Inflammation, Symptoms Of Menopause—Everything Seemed Stacked Against Her.

It was a desperate cry for help. I felt guilty. Like it was my fault.

After all, it was my recommendations that ultimately failed her and ended up putting her in this predicament.

Later that night, after our conversation, I was mulling over the mystery inside my head and I started by thinking back to that magazine article I read in Mexico…

Then it suddenly dawned on me: “The diet I put Crystal on years ago was the exact the opposite of the Tarahumara Indians, Okinawans, and Katava Islanders!”

I wanted to confirm if there was a connection…

Could the lifestyle of the world’s leanest, healthiest, longest living cultures hold the diet secret to Crystal’s damaged metabolism?

I was so taken back and surprised by Crystal’s dramatic metabolic and hormonal decline that that night I made a personal commitment…

The next day I went on a quest to find a solution.

I was determined to find the answer, so I hand-picked four of the smartest researchers from my team to spend hours… days… weeks… scouring the latest scientific studies[1-55] on each culture to find her a legitimate, scientifically backed solution.

I restructured her diet to match the world’s longest living cultures identically… with a few small tweaks based on my team’s scientific findings.

Then I told her to give me 14 days. That’s it.

If we didn’t see progress or a change I’m waving the white flag.

As usual, Crystal did not disappoint. She followed through. And I had her document EVERYTHING. She religiously followed my scientifically backed blueprint for just two weeks.

She kept putting one foot in front of the other even though she was dealing with much less than ideal conditions.

She trusted me. And it worked!

32 Pounds GONE In LESS Than 30 Days—All From Limiting Calories Early In The Day & Strategically Eating Late Night Super Carbs...

Needless to say, I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard the news about her weight loss and latest round of blood work.

  • Thyroid hormones—optimized!
  • Inflammatory markers—gone!
  • Menopause symptoms—alleviated!
  • LESS Aches & Pains
  • Deeper Restorative Sleep
  • Faster Fat Loss

Crystal lost 19 pounds in only 14 days and ultimately lost 32 pounds...

Going from a size 11 to a size 4 in LESS than 30 days!

Of course, this was just like holding up a mirror to what was happening in every other area of her life.

THESE are the life transforming intangibles you can never put a price tag on. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing using my proven step-by-step blueprint below.

Was it easy for her? No. Was it simple for her to follow? YES.

She admitted it was an adjustment to eat lighter during the day… but it also eliminated her guilt about including her Late Night Super Carbs and pre-bedtime fat burning snacks in her daily regimen.  

The scientific studies… the research papers… the world’s longest living, disease free cultures… Crystal’s success story… what gives?

How could intentionally eating MORE carbs at dinnertime and snacking before bed produce these kind of results.

My team took several weeks to dig up the answers… and when you discover what’s happening inside your body following mainstream diet advice you’ll never look at dieting the same way again.

The ‘Hidden’ Diet Conspiracy That’s Been KEEPING America Fat & Sick For The Last Two Decades

You want to lose fat and improve your health, so you do what everyone else does… you start researching the best approach.

The more you ask around and read online, the more you are encouraged to experiment with some type of popularized low carbohydrate strategy.

Your new diet will replace your favorite carbs with healthy meats from humanely raised animals, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

No starches. Minimal fruits. Zero sugars. And absolutely NO eating after 6pm... and especially before bed.

This style of dieting has been popularized with multiple approaches:

The Paleo Diet… The Ketogenic Diet…. The Vegetarian and Vegan Diet… The Mediterranean Diet. And let’s not forgot the ‘old-school’, infamous Atkins Diet.

You've probably tried at least one of these trendy diets (if not more) in your lifetime.

As a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, these are the same type of diets I’ve been recommending to all my clients, like Crystal, for the last several years and the reasons why SEEMED obvious because…

All low carb diets can and do work—initially—and there’s no doubt they can provide some amazing short term benefits.

This is why people get so excited when they first start a conventional low carb diet with 5-6 small meals spread throughout the entire day… they see pretty fast results in the first week.

Unfortunately, like most things in life that seem ‘too good to be true’...

The Results Are Temporary.

There are 4 deceptively misleading, dangerous drawbacks you need to be aware of if you ever want to look and feel your best.

4 SCARY Side Effects Of Today’s Most Popular Low Carb Diets That Nobody EVER Talks About

The biggest problem with conventional low carb weight loss diets isn’t just the water weight… it’s the hormonal and metabolic damage that takes pace.

A team of UCLA researchers reviewed 31 long term studies on conventional low carb diets and concluded that cutting carbs and calories is a consistent predictor of weight gain—up to two-thirds of the people regained more weight than they lost.[41]

Another CNN article shed light on this challenge when it reported that after low carb dieting, hormone changes may fuel weight regain.[42]

This is exactly what happened to contestants from one of the world's most popular extreme weight loss reality TV shows—The Biggest Loser.

A recent New York Times article[43] referenced a study[44] that followed all 16 contestants from season eight of NBC’s reality TV show, for six years after the show ended...

The Results Were FAR BEYOND Disappointing

In fact, most contestants had gained ALL of their weight back (some now weigh even MORE than before they appeared on the show)!  

So why did this happen?

In a nutshell, there were four scary side effects that were working against them right from the get go that are the catalysts for severe metabolic damage.

Low Carb SCARY Side Effect #1: SLOWS Down Your Metabolism (permanently!)

Low carb-low calorie diets (even if they’re high in friendly fats—like the ketogenic diet) drastically lower your metabolism[43,44]—also known as “metabolic slowdown”.

And since your metabolism is what burns calories throughout the day… a slower metabolism obviously means you burn less calories and lose less weight.

This isn’t just a few calories either. Today, those same contestants burn up to 700 LESS calories every single day.[43-44]

Low Carb SCARY Side Effect #2: HARMS Your Thyroid[45]

Whenever you avoid carbs and calories later in the day it decreases your conversion of T4-T4 (your metabolism regulating hormones)…

Leading to impaired thyroid function.

The reason this happens…

The reason your body feels sluggish…

The reason you can’t eliminate stubborn pockets of fat when you eat all your calories early in the day and avoid carbs at night is because:

The #1 building block of your thyroid hormones, called TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone… is Glucose.[45]

Where do we get glucose from?


But not just any carbs…

The long forgotten ‘fat burning’ carbohydrates today’s longest living cultures FEAST on every night known as Late Night SUPER CARBS.

Simply put: glucose (from Late Night Super Carbs) and thyroid hormones rely on each other synergistically, so without the right carbs your body cannot convert T4 into the active hormone T3.

In other words Late Night Super Carbs are the #1 food you can eat to increase thyroid hormones[45] so you can quickly (and permanently) regulate your metabolism and quickly melt more stubborn fat!

Low Carb SCARY Side Effect #3: Suppresses Leptin Levels

This could be the most dangerous side effect of all.

Leptin is considered the MASTER hormone of the fat burning metabolism, and leptin levels for these contestants plummeted to near ZERO after the show ended.[43,44]

Whenever you consistently eat calories early in the day and avoid carbs the body responds accordingly by lowering leptin levels.

This puts the breaks on metabolism and creates a hormonal environment extremely conducive to fat storage. 

Since leptin’s sole purpose is to reduce appetite by telling your brain when you’re full, this also leads to problem #3…

Low Carb SCARY Side Effect #4: Stimulates Your Hunger Hormone (increase appetite and cravings)

The second you go on any type of diet and start eating the majority of your meals early in the day your hunger hormone—ghrelin—automatically increases...

Sending signals to your body to eat more and more unnecessary calories...

It goes like this…

You eat a small, balanced meal when you wake up… blood sugar rises…

You get a short burst of energy…

Then an hour or two later you need, yet another short burst of energy from another small, balanced meal…

This stimulates frequent pulses in ghrelin, which programs your body to “think” that it needs more food … that you need to keep eating every couple hours.

And it doesn’t matter how overweight you are, whether you have 10 pounds to lose, or you have 50 pounds to lose...

The moment you start dieting your ghrelin will increase to try to get you to eat more calories.

This ultimately intensifies and leads to an uncontrollable increase in hunger and cravings—especially at night.

Just look at Amanda from this Twitter post.

She now burns 591.1 calories LESS PER DAY then before she started the contest!

This equates to 62 pounds LESS calories burned EACH year.

CONCLUSION: Conventional low carb diets with small meals spread throughout the day are incredibly hard to stick to because they harm your hormones, damage your metabolism, and if that wasn’t enough…

99% of the weight loss is waterinstead of the stubborn fat stuck on your belly, backside, love handles, and hips.

Now you can see why it’s critically important to understand the complete picture…

Both the short term and the long term harm that happens to your body when you make the decision to follow conventional mainstream diet advice.

Let's recap the laundry list of hormonal imbalances, metabolic damage, and harm done to your body from
eating early, cutting carbs, and avoiding calories at dinnertime and before bed...

  • A SLOWER Metabolic Rate & Inevitable Weight Loss Plateaus[41-44]
  • Suppressed & Beaten Down Hormones
  • Decreased Sex Drive (unbalanced testosterone to estrogen ratio)
  • Muscle Loss (age related atrophy—aka Sarcopenia)
  • Disrupted Sleep & Compromised Immune System
  • Uncontrollable Hunger & Cravings From Unstable Ghrelin Levels

When you combine all of these factors it can have a lasting compound effect that could spell disaster for your health, longevity, and lifespan...

Unless you decide to change something.


Avoiding carbs after 6pm and eating the majority of your calories early in the day spells DISASTER for your metabolism, your hormones, and your waistline!

It’s now a foregone conclusion:

If you continue to follow mainstream diet advice you’re doomed from the start… and the proof is everywhere you look!

And let’s not forget:

The Evidence Is Overwhelming!

Our biggest cravings for food are always at dinnertime and before bed, yet we’ve been told over and over again that we can’t eat then…

And that's what makes conventional dieting nearly impossible to adhere to and—as you just discovered—the newest research studies confirm that it's really, really bad science.


What if you could avoid EVERY one of these conventional dieting pitfalls—all while quickly losing stubborn fat directly from your body parts that ‘collect’ stubborn fat?

What if you could reset your leptin levels, regulate your metabolic rate, and eliminate late night hunger and cravings once and for all—while losing up to 10-14 pounds in the next 14 days?

Well, thanks to that silly magazine article I read in Mexico you CAN!

All you have to do is copy the late night eating patterns of the Tarahumara Indians, Okinawans, and Kitava Islanders by following my proven blueprint below… 

The same blueprint I created after my team of researchers uncovered the published journals and studied every detail of their lifestyles

The same roadmap I gave Crystal to follow that transformed her body (and life) in record time.


14 Day Late Night Fat Loss

The World’s First Diet Solution
That Regulates Your Metabolism
& ‘Rebalances’ Your Hormones
By Catering To Your Body's
Natural Instinct’...

All While Helping You Melt Up To 10-14 Pounds Of
Stubborn’ Fat In The Next 14 Days!

It’s all laid out for you inside this easy-to-follow handbook that ANY person at ANY age can follow.

When you shift to eating your largest meals of the day at dinnertime with Late Night Super Carbs—and you add in a pre-bedtime fat burning snack[8-18] the effect on your body and hormones will be profound…

Here’s How My Solution Can Heal Your Tired Hormones & Repair Your ‘Damaged’ Metabolism

The very first thing that happens to your body when you follow my proven rapid fat loss blueprint is that you activate your sympathetic nervous system early in the day.

Science shows this will trigger a cascade of powerful hormonal and metabolic triggers inside your body each and every day.

Dozens of published research papers now confirm and PROVE the profound effect this pattern of eating
can have on your body...[8-18]

  • Experience An ‘All-Natural’ 400-1200% SURGE Of Growth Hormone[9] (NO exercise required)
  • Naturally Allows Adrenaline Levels To Kick In — The Primary Hormone Responsible For Facilitating The Process Of Burning Fat[8]
  • Increases Your Blood Sugar Hormone—Glucagon—Protecting You Against Diabetes[12] (the hormone that ‘releases’ your stored fat so it can be used as fuel)
  • Extends Lifespan & Triggers Cellular Cleansing[14,18] (live LONGER, look YOUNGER, feel ‘youthful’ again!)
  • INCREASES Metabolic Rate[10] (burn more calories WITHOUT exercising)
  • Cools Off Inflammation (protects your body against today’s most deadly disease)[13]
  • Automatically DECREASES Insulin— Making Stored Fat Your Body’s #1 Fuel Source[12]

NO exercise required. NO nibbling on bibs of lettuce all day. NO need to cut calories at dinnertime and before bed…

All while making you more alert and bursting with energy to tackle daily responsibilities...

Rather than eating insulin spiking breakfast foods that leave you feeling tired and lethargic—with an inability to think or focus.

The human brain works on a sacrifice—reward pattern so you're fighting a losing battle when you reward yourself with food all day and then try to sacrifice by cutting back at night.

No matter how much we eat early in the day, we always tend to eat more calories at dinnertime than any other meal of the day anyway—so why fight it?

Listen, you're always hungrier at dinnertime for a reason:
It’s Your ‘Natural Instinct’—Just Like the World’s
Healthiest, Leanest, Longest Living Cultures…

The Problem Is
NOT Your Willpower.

The primary reason dieters are miserable and eventually give up is because skimping on calories at dinnertime and starving before bed goes completely AGAINST our primal instinct.

Ancient man spent his days hunting and gathering food.

Then he spent his evenings relaxing and feasting on whatever he caught, picked, or dug up.

Instead of going against evolution, why not spend your days mimicking our ancestors and copying the leanest, healthiest cultures on the planet?

Bottom Line: It’s NOT your willpower.

It’s instinct.

You can’t—and shouldn’t—fight back.

After all—if there is one UNDENIABLE fact about dieting…

If you have to fight through the misery of hunger and intense cravings each night you’ll never achieve a leaner, healthier, younger looking body.

That's exactly why I created the rapid fat loss breakthrough blueprint below...

So you can enjoy the ‘youth enhancing’ benefits of faster fat loss, supercharged energy levels, deeper-restorative sleep, and optimized hormones...

Simply by catering to your body’s natural instinct.

And if you're still doubting whether or not this new, innovative way of dieting is the real long term solution to your weight loss struggles simply do a side-by-side comparison…

Just Compare The OLD Way Of Conventional Dieting To The NEW 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution Below & YOU Be The Judge:

If You Refuse To Abandon The Conventional Diet Wisdom That’s Failed You Over & Over Again You
Will Continue To Struggle

You can try to succeed all on your own following the traditional, outdated… or dare I say… obsolete diet advice on the left hand side of the comparison chart above... or the other bull the medical establishment and diet industry tries to feed you like:

And maybe you'll even have (or have had) some success following the inconvenient conventional path.

But is it worth the hormonal imbalances and metabolic damage?

You could even try and spend several hours researching the dozens of studies I've gone over today… so you can guess which foods to combine with your Late Night Super Carbs in order to achieve all of the scientifically proven benefits of hormone optimization and faster fat loss. 

But who wants to invest all that time and energy when I’ve already done all the work for you?

I think you’d agree it's MUCH easier learning from somebody who has  a proven track record of helping literally millions of people worldwide slash body fat.

Fact is, I know from experience that you’re probably a lot more like me than you realize… you’re probably a lot more like Crystal than you realize. If you’re anything like us...

You have ambitions. You have health goals. You have people in your life that you want to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships with.

BUT you’re never going to realize ANY of this unless you start doing something about it. Don’t waste another precious day waiting for your ideal circumstances that will never roll around.

Regardless of your age… regardless of gender… your dreams are too important. Your health is too important. The people in your life are too important.

Start today, and be closer to your goals tomorrow. The harvest of your life is waiting. Don’t let the symptoms of aging stop you. Don’t allow past failures to dictate your future.

We’re here to help you, motivate you, inspire you, or provide anything else in between that you need in order to succeed.

Listen, I know from experience that your current conditions may not be ideal. Neither were Crystal’s. Here’s the only difference: she ACTED.

Today, you have the powerful choice to find ultimate health, happiness, and confidence in the process.

Will you accept my invitation?

There's Never Been A System Created That Provides A Solution To Your Dinnertime & Late Night Food Cravings, While Helping You Burn Fat FASTER—Until NOW...

Here's The Complete

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss System That Will Help You Defy Aging, Escape Obesity, & Effortlessly
Burn More 'Stubborn' Fat

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Diet Manual

The 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Manual is your step-by-step blueprint to experience the power and flexibility of Late Night Super Carbs to achieve your healthiest, FASTEST fat loss ever in only 14 days.

  • Detailed grocery list and follow-along meal plan template so you can easily plan ahead and save time. NO calorie counting necessary!
  • The BEST hormone optimizing foods to eat early in the day and at lunchtime to optimize hormones and prevent fat storage…
  • A daily timeline that can be customized to your personal schedule ensuring you're always eating the right foods at the right times—consistently keeping your hormones balanced and your fat loss on the fast track…
  • Healthy fat burning desserts that you can enjoy each night after dinner…

And don't forget all the other intangible benefits of using 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss that can help regulate your metabolism[1-4]:

  • Significantly Decreases Ghrelin Levels (your hunger hormone) Helping You Control Your Appetite & Reduce Cravings
  • Regulates Your Cortisol Levels & Jumpstarts Melatonin Production Inducing DEEP SLEEP
  • Experience LESS Hunger & Improved Satiety
  • Healthier Fasting Glucose & Daily Insulin Concentrations
  • Improved Cholesterol
  • Increased Leptin (your body's primary fat burning hormone) & Insulin Sensitivity

The 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Diet Manual is your "key" to lasting, enjoyable, consistent fat loss—all while satisfying your most intense dinnertime and prebedtime cravings.

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14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Pre-Bedtime Fat Burning Snacks

"Construct The Perfect Pre-Bedtime Meal So You Can Both Satisfy Your Cravings AND Burn Fat Like Crazy!

Inside the 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Pre-Bedtime Fat Burning Snacks you'll get instant access to easy-to-prepare, delicious sweet and salty snacks using specific foods that are designed to:

  • Improves Overnight Protein Synthesis To Build & Repair Muscle Tissue
  • Increases Your Nighttime Metabolism While You Sleep[23-24]
  • Ensures You'll Consume Up To 397 LESS Calories The Next Day[1]
  • Stabilizes Morning Blood Sugar To Fight Diabetes[1]
  • Prevents Early Morning Hunger[1]

Remember… if you want to lose the MOST weight, you MUST eat before bed... but the trick is knowing which foods fuel your fat burning metabolism as you sleep, and those that you must AVOID to starve away unwanted belly fat.

Now you can go ahead and indulge before bed each night tonight knowing it will help you sleep better and burn fat FASTER.

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Super Carb Dinner Guide

"Burn Fat FASTER By Strategically Eating More Carbs...

Inside this guide you'll get everything you need to enjoy satisfying dinners each night, while enjoying the same results as today’s leanest, healthiest, longest-living cultures...

  • The TOP 12 Late Night Super Carbs to have in your kitchen at all times to keep blood sugar at bay and induce deep sleep each night.
  • Restaurant guide showing you exactly how to order while eating out for dinner to ensure you stay satisfied and on track.
  • Eat THIS—Not THAT cheat sheet showing how to substitute your favorite unhealthy, calorie laden dishes with healthy hormone optimizing alternatives.

Within a few days of following this blueprint you will:

Increase Your Metabolic Rate… Maximize Your Thyroid Output… Experience Less Hunger & Improved Satiety… Have Healthier Fasting Glucose & Daily Insulin Concentrations… Improved Cholesterol… Increased Leptin Sensitivity… Improved Metabolic Response… Decreased Cortisol… Increased Production Of Serotonin & Melatonin[4,22-24].

The research is crystal clear[1-56]… eating the majority of your calories at dinnertime holds the "hidden key" to your fastest fat loss.

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting Blueprint

Intermittent fasting is one of the internet's HOTTEST weight loss trends… and for a very legit reason.

My team dug up multiple Evidence-Based published studies[56-69] showing just how effective it can be in reversing cellular aging, preventing today's most deadly diseases, and optimizing anti-aging hormones.

When you combine Late Night Super Carbs WITH the right type of intermittent fasting can be an unstoppable force.

Scientific research shows it can have a profound effect on your metabolism, body composition, AND lifespan:

  • CONTROLS insulin[11]
  • Naturally increases Growth Hormone WITHOUT exercise[9-10]
  • Cellular repair (aka-autophagy)[14]
  • Increases metabolic rate[10]
  • Increases fat burning[8-10]
  • Lowers risk of diabetes and insulin resistance[11-12]
  • Reduces inflammation[13]
  • Prevents disease and reduces cancer risks[15-18]
  • Improves heart health[16]
  • Increases brain health and fights against Alzheimer's[17]
  • Live Longer[18]

Although Intermittent Fasting is not mandatory for 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss to work, it's HIGHLY recommended because it's the perfect Hand-In-Glove Fit.

The synergistic effect of eating Late Night Super Carbs in conjunction with intermittent fasting can be a lethal combination in your quest to flatten your belly and avoid deadly diseases…

Inside this blueprint you'll get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the right type of Intermittent Fasting in conjunction with 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss to further accelerate your results.

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Exercise Guide

"15 Minute Workouts Specifically Designed To Release Fat Burning Hormones, While BOOSTING Metabolic Rate For Up To 48 Hours Afterwards!

Inside the 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Exercise Manual you will discover...

  • Exactly what you should eat and drink before and after your 15 minute workouts to greatly enhance performance, optimize hormones, and increase fat burning results...
  • How to access fat for fuel up to 300% faster and create a 38-48 "after-burn" from one 15 minute session[16-27]!
  • A complete database of the best targeted keto exercises to use and follow along workout sheets so you know EXACTLY what to do. NO guesswork!
  • Includes movement patterns that are specifically designed for men and women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to increase anti-aging Growth Hormone levels 400-700% [29-30]...

NO equipment or gym membership needed. All you need is your body weight and 15 minutes 3x per week. Only 45 minutes PER WEEK is all you need to get lightning fast results.

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Ever since I helped Crystal transform her body and life using this new, innovative rapid fat loss diet I've felt compelled to create this system….

Like it's my DUTY and obligation to help as many people as I can benefit from the diet freedom that comes from eating Late Night Super Carbs & Pre-Bedtime Fat Burning Snacks.

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Just think... in the next 14 days you can experience your fastest fat loss ever, while regulating your metabolism and rebalancing your hormones at the same exact time.

WITHOUT GIVING UP Your Favorite Desserts, Alcohol, & Cheat Foods—OR Dealing With The Pitfalls Of Late Night Cravings & Hunger

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The 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss
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Make NO mistake about it… this is not just a 14 day rapid fat loss plan… it's a LIFESTYLE.

And to prove it, I'm going to back it up with an unconditional-risk fee money back guarantee.

Why spend a fortune on Doctor visits, Prescription Medicine, So-Called 'Miracle' Supplements, Powders, Pills, and Lotions when you can get instant access to the Scientific Communities latest cutting-edge weight loss research in one-easy-to-access spot.

The second you make the leap to this pattern of eating Late Night Super Carbs later in the day and consuming a pre-bedtime fat burning snack each night amazing things will happen to your body and your health in as little as 14 days.

  • Your daytime hunger pangs and late night cravings will disappear…
  • You'll instantly start experiencing a SURGE of electric energy every morning…
  • Your midday tired spells will disappear…
  • Your thoughts will become clearer and more focused…
  • Your hormones will re-balance and be fully optimized for faster fat loss…
  • You WILL visually SEE your stubborn body parts tighten and tone
  • Your confidence and self esteem will begin to soar as your body begins to look and feel younger
  • You will, in short, become a Fat Burning Machine!

As you cater to your body's natural instinct of eating the majority of your calories later in the day EVERY cell in your body will be healthier than ever and you'll lose stubborn fat FASTER than you ever have before—WITHOUT being hungry every night...

In other words... it MUST work for you or it's FREE!


You Will Be In TOTAL Control
And The Benefits Stretch FAR BEYOND
Just 14 Days Of Rapid Fat Loss...

One thing I've learned as a 15+ year fat loss veteran is that the benefits of Late Night Super Carbs and Pre-Bedtime Fat Burning Snacks stretch FAR BEYOND improved health, longer lifespan, and rapid fat loss…

You will be in TOTAL control and it will take you less than 14 days to realize your efforts have spilled over into EVERY area of life in a positive way.

After all, you can't put a price tag on being able to enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies without achy joints, muscle pain, or fatigue…

You can't put a price tag on waking up every morning excited to take on your day WITHOUT hunger, energy dips, or being burdened with having to eat every few hours…

You can't put a price tag on being able to chase your children and grandkids around the house and yard with endless energy.

You can't put a price tag on having more purpose in your life.

You can't put a price tag on having deeper, more meaningful relationships.

You can't put a price tag on your increased self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

You can't put a price tag on 'rebalancing' your hormones for increased sex drive and deeper intimacy in your marriage or love life.

Listen, if you don't experience each and every one of these benefits in the next 14 days using Portion Volumization Late Night Superfoods™you don't pay a dime.

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To your rapid fat loss success WITHOUT sacrifice, deprivation, or late night hunger!

Joel Marion, CISSN


It's The World's First & Only
14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet That Gives You EVERYTHING You
Need In Order To Succeed...

WITHOUT The Metabolic & Hormonal
Damage That Accompany Inconvenient
Conventional Low Carb Diets...

If you've managed to make it this far then I'm assuming it's because you may still have some doubts or reservations about 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss so let me eliminate your skepticism.

Here's how you can be 100% sure 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss is a good fit for your lifestyle…

EVEN IF: You have stubborn fat on your love handles, lower belly, backside, hips, or legs that just won't budge no matter how hard you try.

EVEN IF: You get intense cravings and hunger (especially in the evening) that sabotage your nutrition and weight loss plan.

EVEN IF: You feel sleepy every afternoon after eating lunch or get tired spells during the day.

EVEN IF: You dread having to find time in your busy schedule to cook and prepare meals every week, wondering exactly what foods to buy.

EVEN IF: You hate exercise or struggle finding time in your busy schedule to make room for it.

EVEN IF: You find yourself gaining back the weight you lose every time you try a diet and exercise program.

EVEN IF: You're in your 40s, 50s, or 60s so you think, "I'm too old, my body just won't respond because of my age." OR… "I'm too lazy and unmotivated."

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss works incredibly fast… for ANY person of ANY age—regardless of past failures.


For The First Time In History...

You can ignore all the conventional weight loss wisdom
and dieting "rules"
and experience your most
rapid results EVER in just 14 days...

  • You've been told you should always eat a BIG breakfast because it’s suppoledly; "the most important meal of the day"…
  • You've been told you should "avoid carbs at dinnertime or they'll be stored as fat"…
  • You've been told to "NEVER eat after 5 or 6pm"…
  • You've been told "you can't eat desserts every night if you want to lose body fat"…
  • You've been told you should never, EVER eat before bed

But here's the thing…

The EXACT OPPOSITE is true if you want to boost your metabolic health, optimize your hormones, and quickly lose more stubborn fat!

  • You should eat as light as you can early in the day because it’s been proven to increase focus, mental clarity, growth hormone, and fat burning adrenaline…
  • Your largest meal of the day should be at dinnertime if you want to regulate your metabolism, balance hormones, and sleep like a baby …
  • You should eat LOTS of Late Night Super Carbs every evening if you want improved blood glucose … higher insulin sensitivity… LESS hunger… and balanced cortisol levels…

    You just have to eat the RIGHT kinds of carbs at the RIGHT times.
  • You CAN enjoy a delicious sweet treat or dessert after dinner—you just have to know how to eat the RIGHT kind of desserts that take you closer to your goals…
  • You SHOULD intentionally eat a fat burning snack before bed because it improves overnight muscle protein synthesis, increases metabolism, stabilizes morning blood sugar to fight diabetes, and prevents morning hunger pangs...

You just need access to the proven blueprint!

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